Business Application Platform Demo

With the low-code-based business application platform brixxbox, you are finally freed from the shackles of standard software and get a powerful tool at hand with which you can design innovative business applications freely, flexibly and scalably at any time. Best of all, you don't need any programming knowledge to do so.

Use the platform to create complex, high-quality business applications quickly and easily. Whether it's a highly complex ERP system or a simple business application to complement an IT landscape - brixxbox is the solution for every business requirement. Take the next step and develop business apps that inspire.



Your demo shows you:

  • how the IT project methodology differs from standard software vendors
  • why you should embrace low code today
  • how to configure business applications of any type step-by-step
  • how IT projects with the most diverse requirements were successfully implemented with the brixxbox
  • what attractive revenue opportunities the brixxbox offers you

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